miércoles, 1 de abril de 2015

Advantages and Disadvantages of studying English in UCSG

This part is very simple, because the only disadvantage is learning english and not take it on practice. And the advantages are endless, a lot of jobs their requirement is to dominate this language. Learning this will help us to interact with more people and get more opportunities in our career, spanish and english its a universal language around the world. If we want to apply interships to other foreign countries we need to put this language in practice, because sometimes is the only language that is spoken.

Travel Plans

I am planning visiting Argentina, because its a very big country with a nice weather, it is known for the warm and dry summer. Also the winter, which is characterized for snowing and fresh breeze. Argentina is pretty and with lot of historic places, that is visit from many tourist around the world. This country is also known for the food, especially beef, which most of tourist described them as delicious. Another reason why people visit a lot this country, is because of soccer, known Argentina as vice champion of the world and legend Messi which was born there.

Recreational Vehicles

The best way to travel across South America for a long way vacation is by a mobile house. It should have all the possible comforts to sustain a family, some beds, have a bathroom, were everyone should do all its biological waste, a kitchen were they will prepare food every day on the trip. Kitchen is important, because food in some countries is very expensive. Wireless internet so we can connect to the GPS in case we get lost. Also have a big mirror, so we can appreciate the view along. And finally, it should run in diesel, because it last long, the mobile have to be in good conditions for travel.


I like to go to the beach every time I can. I enjoy a lot watching the nature, the scene it creates along the ecuadorian coast, the way the sea looks very nice, beautiful, in all it's glory. Driving along the beach, so I can appreciate the singularity of the great wealth in the flora and fauna, especially the birds flying across the ocean. The weather is so refreshing, because we recieve the breeze of the sea, also like the evening, you can see the sun coming down, hiding in the horizon of the sea.

My Ideal Roommate

First of all the qualities and characteristics that I'm going to describe about the perfect rommate it's necessary that it have to be a girl, so she can understand me. Organization is one of the most important thing, so she can help me cleaning my apartment, because it's very big. If she likes to cook it will be perfect, we can finish cooking fast in the adequate hour, it's not the same making food by myself, time is gold. 

The ideal rommate have to be a good friend, so she can listen  and understand everything that's on my mind, also be a funny person that like a lot of traveling, because I enjoy going to the beach every weekend I can. Be introvert and sociable with every kind of people. I don't like gossip people, especially rommates that become friends fight because of that. Finally, it have to be a university student the same as me, because my mom only rents them by that only condition.