miércoles, 1 de abril de 2015

My Ideal Roommate

First of all the qualities and characteristics that I'm going to describe about the perfect rommate it's necessary that it have to be a girl, so she can understand me. Organization is one of the most important thing, so she can help me cleaning my apartment, because it's very big. If she likes to cook it will be perfect, we can finish cooking fast in the adequate hour, it's not the same making food by myself, time is gold. 

The ideal rommate have to be a good friend, so she can listen  and understand everything that's on my mind, also be a funny person that like a lot of traveling, because I enjoy going to the beach every weekend I can. Be introvert and sociable with every kind of people. I don't like gossip people, especially rommates that become friends fight because of that. Finally, it have to be a university student the same as me, because my mom only rents them by that only condition.

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  1. Mis dos hermosas primitas, Jeniffer la pareja perfecta para vivir ya me imagino eso, mejor fuese yo.